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Rodney Webb UniversityWant to boost your career to the next level? Through the Rodney Webb University, let Rodney show you how in twelve detailed and engaging video lessons. This 20 year sales veteran is affectionately known throughout the industry as “The 91% Guy” due to his unheard of ninety-one percent close rate. More than a third of the top Replacement 100 corporations have Rodney Webb on speed dial and he currently serves as a sales coach and adviser to several multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

Your one-time tuition payment of $1,295 grants you lifetime access to this and future Rodney Webb University educational content. Your perpetual access will become a true lifetime asset through an ever expanding array of reference material and selling aids you'll find here in the months and years to come.

Use it now to immediately elevate your earnings potential and return to it as often as you'd like for a refresher course. Once you've completed the twelve course sessions and passed the final exam, you receive your Certified Homatologist Diploma and be listed among the University's Distinguished Alumni on this site ... both are guaranteed resume builders!

Pay securely through PayPal to gain immediate access to all course materials. Good luck and good selling!

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