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The Must Have Training Manual
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The Buy Limbic Sales System Training Manual

•  Brand New ... Third Printing January 2020

•  Covering Rodney's Ten-Step Selling System

•  Added "Handing Objections" Section

•  Lavishly Illustrated

•  A $1,000,000 of Sales Training Insight

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The Rodney Webb Bobblehead

The Rodney Webb BobbleheadThis is a must for every Rodney Webb fan's desktop, bookshelf, mantle or dashboard. Rodney's always there with that important reminder ... "Trust The System"!

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Success CDs and DVDs:

The 10 Steps DVD

The 10 Steps DVDSales Strategist Rodney Webb Reveals how to Dramatically Increase Your Sales Percentages in 10 Well-Defined Steps. Drawing on over twenty years of sales experience in the home improvement industry, Rodney Webb shares his sales strategies that have given him the nickname "The 91% Guy." From Step One, "The Warm-Up," to Step Ten, "The Post-Close," Rodney Webb's The 10 Steps breaks down what to say word-for-word in a variety of sales situations. Rodney demonstrates - clearly, concisely, and emphatically - how to establish trust, how to respond to common questions, and how to mitigate and overcome customers' biggest and most common objections, and how to, ultimately, make that sale.

Price: $699.99

More Success Books:

The Buy Limbic™ Selling System Training Manual

Superstar Selling ManualThis is the first sales training manual in the home improvement (or any other industry) to focus on the science of selling. It deals simply and with easy-to-follow examples in the process of connecting with the limbic part of the human brain where buying decisions are made. Followers of Rodney's Buy Limbic Sales System have seen their sales and close rates reach unexpected and previously unimagined heights!

Price: $199.99