Rodney Webb Success Books

The Buy Limbic™ Selling System Training Manual

Superstar Selling ManualThis is the first sales training manual in the home improvement (or any other industry) to focus on the science of selling. It deals simply and with easy-to-follow examples in the process of connecting with the limbic part of the human brain where buying decisions are made. Followers of Rodney's Buy Limbic Sales System have seen their sales and close rates reach unexpected and previously unimagined heights!

Price: $199.99

Referral Field Manual

Referral Field ManualDouble your close rate by turning every sale into a referral. This digest-sized manual gives you the step by step procedures to assure that you go into every appointment, whatever the source of the lead, with a friend or neighbor of the prospect – a trusted third party - standing by to endorse your product and confirm your promises.

Price: $29.99

Sales Management Manual

Superstar Sales ForceLearn the elements of recruiting and training the SuperStar™ sales force. Rodney Web, the 91% Guy, has recruited and trained home improvement sales organizations that routinely close above 60%. He explains how to determine your optimum sales force and shares with you his techniques for recruiting and screening potential superstars - how to advertise for them, then test and interview promising candidates. Rodney details the training process that produces superstars in record time.

Price: $39.99


SuperStar™ Selling Total Library

SuperStar Selling Total LibraryGet the total collection of sales training and sales management tools from the industry’s leading salesman, sales trainer and sales manager. Purchased individually, this collection would cost $1,569.96 (a savings of $169.97).
  • The Buy Limbic™ Selling System Training Manual
  • Referral Field Manual
  • Sales Management Manual
  • The 10 Steps, Walk of Life & Red Light/Yellow Light/Green Light Three DVD/CD Combo Set
Price: $1,399.99